Book Reviews by Author

Here you will find a list of the books I’ve reviewed on my blog, listed by author.


Alexander, Tamera. “A Beauty So Rare”

Alexander, Tamera. “To Win Her Favor”

Alexander, Tamera. “With This Pledge”

Anderson, Rebecca. “Isabelle & Alexander”

Atchley, Miranda. “The Christmas Book Shoppe”

Atchley, Miranda. “Deadly Pearls”

Austen, Jane. “Persuasion” (a collection of quotes)

Axtell, Ruth. “A Heart’s Rebellion” (London Encounters #2)

Axtell, Ruth. “Moonlight Masquerade” (mini review) (London Encounters #1)


Barnett, Karen. “Ever Faithful” (Vintage National Parks #3)

Barnett, Karen. “The Road to Paradise” (Vintage National Parks #1)

Barnett, Karen. “Where the Fire Falls” (Vintage National Parks #2)

Basham, Pepper. “Hope Between the Pages”

Basham, Pepper. “Jane by the Book” (novella)

Basham, Pepper. “A Match for Emma” (Mitchell’s Crossroads #3)

Basham, Pepper. “The Red Ribbon”

Basham, Pepper. “Second Impressions” (novella)

Basham, Pepper D. “The Thorn Bearer” (Penned in Time #1)

Basham, Pepper D. “The Thorn Keeper” (Penned in Time #2)

Basham, Pepper D. “The Thorn Healer” (Penned in Time #3)

Basham, Pepper. “Jane By The Book”

Basham, Pepper. “Just the Way You Are” (Pleasant Gap Romance #1)

Basham, Pepper. “My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge: Laurel’s Dream”

Basham, Pepper. “A Twist of Faith” (Mitchell’s Crossroads #1)

Basham, Pepper. “Charming the Troublemaker” (Mitchell’s Crossroads #2)

Basham, Pepper. “When You Look At Me” (Pleasant Gap Romance #2)

Benton, Lori. “A Flight of Arrows” (The Pathfinders #2)

Benton, Lori. “Many Sparrows”

Benton, Lori. “The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn”

Benton, Lori. “The Wood’s Edge” (The Pathfinders #1)

Bergren, Lisa T. “Once Upon an Irish Summer”

Bischof, Joanne. “Daughters of Northern Shores” (Blackbird Mountain #2)

Bischof, Joanne. “Something New” (audiobook novella)

Bischof, Joanne. “Sons of Blackbird Mountain” (Blackbird Mountain #1)

Bischof, Joanne. “The Lady and the Lionheart”

Bischof, Joanne. “This Quiet Sky” (mini review)

Bischof, Joanne. “The Swelling Sea” (part of The Message in a Bottle Romance Novella Collection)

Blackwell, Lawana. “A Haven on Orchard Lane”

Brandes, Nadine. “Fawkes”

Breslin, Kate. “Far Side of the Sea”

Breslin, Kate. “High as the Heavens”

Breslin, Kate. “Not By Sight”

Bruce, Brandy. “After the Rain”

Bruce, Brandy. “The Last Summer”

Byrd, Sandra. “Lady of a Thousand Treasures”


Cambron, Kristy. “The Butterfly and the Violin” (Hidden Masterpiece #1)

Camden, Elizabeth. “Into the Whirlwind”

Camden, Elizabeth. “The Prince of Spies” (Hope & Glory #3)

Camden, Elizabeth. “The Spice King” (Hope & Glory #1)

Camden, Elizabeth. “With Every Breath”

Carlson, Melody. “A Christmas in the Alps” (novella)

Ciesielski, J’nell. “Beauty Among Ruins”

Ciesielski, J’nell. “The Ice Swan”

Cobb, Rachelle Rea. “Follow the Dawn”

Coble, Colleen. “Because You’re Mine”

Coble, Colleen. “The Inn at Ocean’s Edge” audiobook (Sunset Cove #1)

Connealy, Mary. “Fired Up” (Trouble in Texas #2)

Connealy, Mary. “Long Time Gone” (The Cimarron Legacy #2)

Connealy, Mary. “No Way Up” (The Cimarron Legacy #1)

Connealy, Mary. “Runaway Bride” (part of the With This Ring? novella collection)

Connealy, Mary. “Stuck Together” (Trouble in Texas #3)

Crandall, Dawn. “The Hesitant Heiress” (The Everstone Chronicles #1)

Crandall, Dawn. “The Bound Heart” (The Everstone Chronicles #2)

Crandall, Dawn. “The Captive Imposter” (The Everstone Chronicles #3)

Crandall, Dawn. “The Cautious Maiden” (The Everstone Chronicles #4)


Dawn, Mikal. “Count Me In” (An Emerald City Romance #1)

Deese, Nicole. “A Cliché Christmas”

De Laurentiis, Giada. “Happy Cooking”

Dickerson, Melanie. “The Beautiful Pretender”

Dotta, Jessica. “Born of Persuasion” (Price of Privilege #1)

Dotta, Jessica. “Price of Privilege” series feature

Duffy, Kimberly. “A Mosaic of Wings”

Dykes, Amanda. “A Song in the Night” (part of The Message in a Bottle Romance Novella Collection)

Dykes, Amanda. “Set the Stars Alight”

Dykes, Amanda. “Whose Waves These Are”


Eason, Lynette “Nowhere to Turn”

Ella, Sara. “Unblemished” (Unblemished #1)

Ella, Sara. “Unraveling” (Unblemished #2)


Faris, Tari. “You Belong With Me”

Ferguson, Melissa. “The Cul-de-Sac War”

Ferguson, Melissa. “The Dating Charade”

Fisher, Suzanne Woods. “The Light Before Day”

Flynn, Elizabeth. “Game, Set and Murder”

Frantz, Laura. “A Bound Heart”

Frantz, Laura. “The Lacemaker”

Frantz, Laura. “Love’s Awakening” (Ballantyne Legacy #2)

Frantz, Laura. “Love’s Fortune” (Ballantyne Legacy #3)

Frantz, Laura. “The Mistress of Tall Acre”

Frantz, Laura. “A Moonbow Night”

Frantz, Laura. “Tidewater Bride”


Ganshert, Katie. “Life After” (mini review)

Ganshert, Katie. “No One Ever Asked”

Garriot, Leah. “Promised”

Gentry, Lynne. “Healer of Carthage” (Carthage Chronicles #1)

Gentry, Lynne. “Return to Exile” (Carthage Chronicles #2)

Gentry, Lynne. “Valley of Decision” (Carthage Chronicles #3)

Gentry, Lynne. “Walking Shoes” (Mt. Hope Southern Adventures #1)

Gentry, Lynne. “Shoes to Fill” (Mt. Hope Southern Adventures #2)

George, Caroline. “Dearest Josephine”

Gilbert, Heather Day. “The Distant Tide” (part of The Message in a Bottle Romance Novella Collection)

Glaspey, Terry (editor) “The Prayers of Jane Austen”

Gohlke, Cathy. “Saving Amelie”

Gorecki, Meghan M. “Amongst the Roses”

Gorecki, Meghan M. “Wrapped in Red”

Gray, Shelley. “Whispers in the Reading Room”

Green, Jocelyn. “Between Two Shores”

Green, Jocelyn. “The Mark of the King”

Green, Jocelyn. “A Refuge Assured”

Green, Jocelyn. “A River Between Us” (part of The Message in a Bottle Romance Novella Collection)

Green, Jocelyn. “Shadows of the White City” (Windy City Saga #2)

Green, Jocelyn. “Veiled In Smoke” (Windy City Saga #1)

Green, Jocelyn. “Wedded to War” (Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War #1)

Groot, Tracy. “Maggie Bright”

Groot, Tracy. “The Sentinels of Andersonville”


Hager, Jenna Bush. “Everything Beautiful In Its Time: Seasons of Love and Loss” (nonfiction)

Hannibal, James R. “Chasing the White Lion” (Talia Inger #2)

Hannibal, James R. “The Gryphon Heist” (Talia Inger #1)

Hannibal, James R. “The Paris Betrayal”

Harrel, Lindsay. “The Heart Between Us”

Harrel, Lindsay. “The Joy of Falling”

Harrel, Lindsay. “Like a Winter Snow” (novella)

Harrel, Lindsay. “The Secrets of Paper and Ink”

Harwood, Clarissa. “Bear No Malice”

Harwood, Clarissa. “Impossible Saints”

Hatcher, Robin Lee. “Beloved”

Hauck, Rachel. “The Fifth Avenue Story Society”

Hauck, Rachel. “How to Catch a Prince” (Royal Wedding #3)

Hauck, Rachel. “The Wedding Chapel”

Hedlund, Jody. “Captured by Love” (mini review) (Michigan Brides #3)

Hedlund, Jody. “Come Back to Me”

Hedlund, Jody. “A Cowboy for Keeps” (Colorado Cowboys #1)

Hedlund, Jody. “Luther and Katharina”

Hedlund, Jody. “With You Always” (Orphan Train #1)

Heitzmann, Kristen. “Told You So” (Told You #1)

Heitzmann, Kristen. “Told You Twice” (Told You #2)

Herne, Ruth Logan. “More Than a Promise”

Hillman, Pam. “Claiming Mariah”

Hunter, Denise. Blue Ridge Romance series review (Blue Ridge Sunrise, Honeysuckle Dreams, On Magnolia Lane)

Hunter, Denise. “Dancing with Fireflies” (Chapel Springs Romance #2)

Hunter, Denise. “Falling Like Snowflakes” (Summer Harbor #1)

Hunter, Denise. “The Goodbye Bride” (Summer Harbor #2)

Hunter, Denise. “Just A Kiss” (Summer Harbor #3)

Hunter, Denise. “Married ’til Monday” (Chapel Springs Romance #4)

Hunter, Denise. “The Wishing Season” (Chapel Springs Romance #3)


Jagears, Melissa. “Engaging the Competition” (part of the With This Ring? novella collection)

Jenner, Natalie. “The Jane Austen Society”

Jennings, Regina. “Her Dearly Unintended” (part of the With This Ring? novella collection)

Johnson, Liz. “Beyond the Tides”

Johnson, Liz. “Christmas at the Red Door Inn”

Johnson, Liz. “A Glitter of Gold” (Georgia Coast Romance #2)

Johnson, Liz. “The Red Door Inn” (Prince Edward Island Dreams #1)

Johnson, Liz. “Where Two Hearts Meet” (Prince Edward Island Dreams #2)

Johnson, Liz. “On Love’s Gentle Shore” (Prince Edward Island Dreams #3)

Johnson, Liz. “A Sparkle of Silver” Georgia Coast Romance #1

Johnson, Todd M. “The Barrister and the Letter of Marque”

Jones, Jenny B. “I’ll Be Yours”


Kate, Jessica. “A Girl’s Guide to the Outback”

Kelly, Carla. “Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind”

Kendig, Ronie. “Conspiracy of Silence” (Tox Files #1)

Kendig, Ronie. “Crown of Souls” (Tox Files #2)

Kendig, Ronie.“Kings Falling” (Book of the Wars #2)

Kendig, Ronie. “Soul Raging” (Book of the Wars #3)

Kendig, Ronie. “Storm Rising” (Book of the Wars #1)

Kendig, Ronie. “Thirst of Steel” (Tox Files #3)

Kilmeade, Brian. “George Washington’s Secret Six” (with Don Yaeger)

Kilpack, Josi S. “A Heart Revealed”

Kingsbury, Karen. “Fifteen Minutes”

Klassen, Julie. “A Castaway in Cornwall”


Ladd, Sarah. “The Heiress of Winterwood” (mini review)

Ladd, Sarah. “The Headmistress of Rosemere”

Ladd, Sarah. “A Lady at Willowgrove Hall”

Lang, Maureen. “The Forgotten Hope” (part of The Message in a Bottle Romance Novella Collection)

Laureano, Carla. “Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe” (Supper Club #2)

Laureano, Carla. “Five Days in Skye” (mini review)

Laureano, Carla. “The Saturday Night Supper Club” (Supper Club #1)

Laureano, Carla. “The Solid Grounds Coffee Co.” (Supper Club #3)

Lessman, Julie. ” Winds of Change” series (3 books)

Lessman, Julie. “Dare to Love Again”

Lessman, Julie. “A Gift Like No Other”

Lessman, Julie. “His Steadfast Love” (Isle of Hope #3)

Lessman, Julie. “Isle of Hope: Unfailing Love” (Isle of Hope #1)

Lessman, Julie. “Love Everlasting” (Isle of Hope #2)

Lessman, Julie. “Love’s Silver Lining” (Silver Lining Ranch #1)

Lessman, Julie. “Surprised by Love”

Lodge, Hillary Manton. “Jane of Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility”

Lodge, Hillary Manton. “A Table by the Window” (Two Blue Doors #1)

Lodge, Hillary Manton. “Reservations for Two” (Two Blue Doors #2)

Lodge, Hillary Manton. “Together at the Table” (Two Blue Doors #3)


Malcolm, Gabrielle. “There’s Something About Darcy”

Martin, Charles. “The Mountain Between Us”

Mason, Robin E. “The Long Shadows of Summer”

Matayo, Amy. “The Aftermath” (Love in Chaos #2)

Matayo, Amy. “Before Time Runs Out” (Charles & Co. Romance #1)

Matayo, Amy. “Christmas at Gate 18” novella

Matayo, Amy. “The Last Shot” (Love in Chaos #3)

Matayo, Amy. “Lies We Tell Ourselves”

Matayo, Amy. “Only Time Will Tell” (Charles & Co. Romance #2)

Matayo, Amy. “The Reunion” (Love in Chaos #4)

Matayo, Amy. “The Thirteenth Chance”

Matayo, Amy. “The Waves” (Love in Chaos #1)

Matayo, Amy. “The Whys Have It”

Mackall, Dandi Daley. “With Love, Wherever You Are”

Matthews, Mimi. “A Convenient Fiction” (Parish Orphans of Devon #3)

Matthews, Mimi. “Fair as a Star”

Matthews, Mimi. “Gentleman Jim”

Matthews, Mimi. “A Holiday By Gaslight: A Victorian Christmas Novella”

Matthews, Mimi. “John Eyre”

Matthews, Mimi. “The Lost Letter”

Matthews, Mimi. “The Matrimonial Advertisement” (Parish Orphans of Devon #1)

Matthews, Mimi. “A Modest Independence” (Parish Orphans of Devon #2)

Matthews, Mimi. “The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter”

Matthews, Mimi. “The Winter Companion” (Parish Orphans of Devon #4)

Matthews, Mimi. “The Work of Art”

McDaniel, Rachel Scott. “Above the Fold”

McGillen, Jamie. “In Sight of the Mountain”

McMillan, Rachel. “A Singular & Whimsical Problem” (mini review) (Herringford and Watts Mysteries #0.5)

McMillan, Rachel. “The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder” (Herringford and Watts Mysteries #1)

McMillan, Rachel. “Christmas in Three Quarter Time” (Three Quarter Time #2.5)

McMillan, Rachel. “Conductor of Light” (short story mini review) (Herringford and Watts Mysteries #2.5)

McMillan, Rachel. “Dream, Plan, and Go” (nonfiction)

McMillan, Rachel. “Of Dubious and Questionable Memory” (mini review) (Herringford and Watts Mysteries #1.5)

McMillan, Rachel. “A Lesson in Love and Murder” (Herringford and Watts Mysteries #2)

McMillan, Rachel. “The London Restoration”

McMillan, Rachel. “Love in Three Quarter Time” novella (Three Quarter Time #1)

McMillan, Rachel. “Murder at the Flamingo” (Van Buren and DeLuca Mysteries #1)

McMillan, Rachel. “Murder in the City of Liberty” (Van Buren and DeLuca Mysteries #2)

McMillan, Rachel. “Rose in Three Quarter Time” (Three Quarter Time #2)

McMillan, Rachel. “The White Feather Murders” (Herringford and Watts Mysteries #3)

Monzon, Sarah. “All of You” (Carrington Family #2)

Monzon, Sarah. “The Esther Paradigm”

Monzon, Sarah. “Finders Keepers” (Carrington Family #1)

Monzon, Sarah. “Freedom’s Kiss” (Carrington Family #3)

Morgan, Robert J. “The Red Sea Rules”

Moseley, Meg. “A Stillness of Chimes”


Nederlanden, Elisabet der. “Holiday Cookies” (cookbook)


O’Hare, Annette. “Northern Light”


Palmer, V. Joy. “Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations”

Petersheim, Jolina. “How the Light Gets In”

Peterson, Tracie. “The Miner’s Lady”

Pettrey, Dani. “Blind Spot” (Chesapeake Valor #3)

Pettrey, Dani. “Cold Shot” (Chesapeake Valor #1)

Pettrey, Dani. “Dead Drift” (Chesapeake Valor #4)

Pettrey, Dani. “Still Life” (Chesapeake Valor #2)

Phillips, Krista. “The Engagement Plot”

Politano, Joanna Davidson. “Finding Lady Enderly”

Politano, Joanna Davidson. “Lady Jayne Disappears”


Raney, Deborah. “Right Where We Belong” romance novella collection

Rea, Rachelle. “The Sound of Diamonds” (Steadfast Love #1)

Rea, Rachelle. “The Sound of Silver” (Steadfast Love #2)

Rea, Rachelle. “The Sound of Emeralds” (Steadfast Love #3)

Reay, Katherine. “The Austen Escape”

Reay, Katherine. “The Brontë Plot”

Reay, Katherine. “Dear Mr. Knightley”

Reay, Katherine. “Of Literature and Lattes”

Reay, Katherine. “Lizzy and Jane”

Reay, Katherine. “A Portrait of Emily Price”

Reay, Katherine. “The Printed Letter Bookshop”

Renshaw, Bell. “As Easy As Riding A Bike” novella

Renshaw, Bell. “One Christmas in Winter” novella

Renshaw, Bell. “The Perfect Christmas”

Reynolds, Michael K. “Songs of the Shenandoah”

Rodes, J. “Emerald Illusion”

Rodes, J. “The Uncloaked” trilogy/series review (The Uncloaked, Tearing the Veil, Charging the Darkness)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “Always You” (Murphy Brothers #1)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “The Cupcake Dilemma” novella

Rodewald, Jennifer. “Everything Behind Us” (Murphy Brothers #3)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “Grace Revealed” trilogy/series review (Blue Columbine, Red Rose Bouquet, Finding Evergreen)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “In Spite of Ourselves” (Murphy Brothers #2)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “Stubborn Love” (Murphy Brothers #5)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “Ordinary Snowflakes” novella

Rodewald, Jennifer. “Reclaimed”

Rodewald, Jennifer. “This Life” (Murphy Brothers #4)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “When I Come Home Again” (Big Prairie #1)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “When I Lost My Way”(Big Prairie #2)

Rodewald, Jennifer. “When I’m With You” (Big Prairie #3)

Roth, Veronica. “Divergent” (mini review)

Rouser, Kathleen. “Rumors and Promises”

Rubart, James L. “The Long Journey to Jake Palmer”


Seilstad, Lorna. “While Love Stirs”

Smith, Debra White. “First Impressions” (Austen Series #1)

Snelling, Lauraine. “To Everything A Season”

Stokes, Amber. “How A Star Falls”

Stokes, Amber. “Where Trains Collide

Stokes, Amber. “While You’re Awake”

Sundin, Sarah. “The Land Beneath Us” (Sunrise at Normandy #3)

Sundin, Sarah. “The Sea Before Us” (Sunrise at Normandy #1)

Sundin, Sarah. “The Sky Above Us” (Sunrise at Normandy #2)


Tagg, Melissa. “All This Time” (Walker Family #4)

Tagg, Melissa. “Enchanted: A Christmas Collection”

Tagg, Melissa. “From the Start” (Walker Family #1)

Tagg, Melissa. “Like Never Before” (Walker Family #2)

Tagg, Melissa. “Here to Stay”

Tagg, Melissa. “Keep Holding On” (Walker Family #3)

Tagg, Melissa. “Now and Then and Always”

Tagg, Melissa. “One Enchanted Christmas” (mini review)

Tagg, Melissa. “One Enchanted Noël” (novella)

Tagg, Melissa. “Right Where We Belong” romance novella collection

Tenney, Tommy. “Hadassah”duology

Thomas, Sarah Loudin. “The Right Kind of Fool”

Tomlinson, Laurie. “With No Reservations” (mini review)

Turner, Bethany. “Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish”

Turner, Bethany. “Plot Twist”

Turner, Bethany. “The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck”

Turner, Bethany. “Wooing Cadie McCaffrey”


Vallance, Brandy. “The Covered Deep”

Vetsch, Erica. “The Gentleman Spy” (Serendipity & Secrets #2)

Vetsch, Erica. “The Indebted Earl” (Serendipity & Secrets #3)

Vetsch, Erica. “The Lost Lieutenant” (Serendipity & Secrets #1)


Wade, Becky. “Falling For You” (Bradford Sisters Romance #2)

Wade, Becky, “Let It Be Me” (Mistry River Romance #2)

Wade, Becky. “Stay With Me” (Misty River Romance #1)

Wade, Becky. “Sweet On You” (Bradford Sisters Romance #3)

Wade, Becky. “Then Came You” novella (Bradford Sisters Romance #0.5)

Wade, Becky. “True to You” (Bradford Sisters Romance #1)

Walsh, Courtney. “Hometown Girl”

Walsh, Courtney. “If For Any Reason” (Nantucket Love Story #1)

Walsh, Courtney. “Is It Any Wonder” (Nantucket Love Story #2)

Walsh, Courtney. “Just Let Go” (Harbor Pointe #2)

Walsh, Courtney. “Just Look Up” (Harbor Pointe #1)

Walsh, Courtney. “Just One Kiss” (Harbor Pointe #3)

Walsh, Courtney. “Paper Hearts”

Walsh, Courtney. “Right Where We Belong” romance novella collection

Walsh, Courtney. “Things Left Unsaid”

Warren, Susan May. “Always on My Mind” (Christiansen Family series #4)

Warren, Susan May. “I’ll Be There” Montana/Deep Haven novella

Warren, Susan May. “It Had to be You” (Christiansen Family series #2)

Warren, Susan May. “Knox” (Montana Marshalls #1)

Warren, Susan May. “A Matter of Trust” (Montana Rescue #3)

Warren, Susan May. “Montana Fire” series (3 novellas)

Warren, Susan May. “Rescue Me” (Montana Rescue series #2)

Warren, Susan May. “Storm Front” (Montana Rescue series #5)

Warren, Susan May. “Summer of the Burning Sky” series (3 novellas)

Warren, Susan May. “Take A Chance On Me” (Christiansen Family series #1)

Warren, Susan May. “Troubled Waters” (Montana Rescue #4)

Warren, Susan May. “Wait for Me” (Montana Rescue #6)

Warren, Susan May. “When I Fall In Love” (Christiansen Family series #3)

Warren, Susan May. “Wild Montana Skies” (Montana Rescue series #1)

Warren, Susan May. “The Wonder of You” (Christiansen Family series #5)

Warren, Susan May. “You’re the One that I Want” (Christiansen Family series #6)

Weaver, Ashley. “A Peculiar Combination” (Electra McDonnell #1)

White, Beth. “A Reckless Love”(Daughtry House #3)

White, Roseanna M. “A Name Unknown” (Shadows Over England #1)

White, Roseanna M. “A Song Unheard” (Shadows Over England #2)

Wilson, Abigail. “In the Shadow of Croft Towers”

Wilson, Abigail. “Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey”

Wilson, Abigail. “The Vanishing at Loxby Manor”

Wilson, Terri. “Once Upon a Royal Summer”

Winfrey, Kerry. “Very Sincerely Yours”

Witemeyer, Karen. “The Husband Maneuver” (part of the With This Ring? novella collection)

Witemeyer, Karen. “Stealing the Preacher”

Wright, Jaime Jo. “The Curse of Misty Wayfair”

Wright, Jaime Jo. “Echoes Among the Stones”

Wright, Jaime Jo. “The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus”

Wright, Jaime Jo. “On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor”

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