4 Reasons to Read Inspirational Fiction

I was pondering some of the reasons I’m drawn to inspirational fiction over other literature. Let’s just get this confession out of the way: I read very little nonfiction. So, why am I constantly enthralled by a great character arc or story of the good guys winning? I think it’s deeper than just loving a good story. I’ve realized there are a few reasons I personally love Christian/inspirational fiction. I’m sharing 4 reasons to read inspirational fiction in this post hoping that YOU will relate and, perhaps, gain perspective from having them outlined. (Or, even add a few titles to your TBR!)

1. Inspirational fiction teaches empathy

More than entertaining, stories teach empathy, helping us identify with other people and experiences. It’s sometimes like experiencing life through new eyes because each author pours him or herself into story, whether from his or her own life or family experiences and perspective. Reading multiple authors leads to experiencing life as a single mom on the run from a criminal and her past in New England, a watch maker’s daughter in old Chicago, a destitute spinster in post-Revolutionary War America, a firefighter carrying grief in the modern Rockies, or a holocaust victim trying to survive in Germany. And through all of this, hopefully we treat the people we encounter with more understanding and grace as a result.

2. Inspirational fiction contains spiritual truths

Because they are written with a Christian worldview, inspirational fiction stories encourage a walk with God through interwoven Scriptures or themes of faith. Sometimes it’s a subtle picture of making choices while believing God has an ultimate plan, or sometimes a book is more evangelical in nature, with a prominent story of forgiveness or a prodigal’s return teaching a lesson of grace.

3. Inspirational fiction inspires you to try new things or breach your comfort zone

This could be said of stories in general, too. Whether it’s by trying a new recipe, adding a destination to the bucket list, or resolving to treat that villain-personality in your life with kindness. Sometimes it’s an untold story from history that captures our attention and sparks interest in that time period. Other times, it’s a perspective learned from “visiting” a culture or place you will not likely ever see in person. Whatever the new thing or place, we get to explore it from the comfort of our cozy couch first!

4. Inspirational fiction shows the love of Christ

Specifically, I’m talking about the romance genre mirroring the love of Christ. I’m all for swoony romance, chivalry, and kisses in a closet/tower. (Sorry, I’ve been reading too many Pepper Basham novels lately. 😉 ) But the greatest Love Story of all is often echoed through the pages of a story of unconditional love, relentless pursuit, or of sacrifice. Whether it’s a riveting story of a fall and subsequent redemption that pushes the boundaries of Christian fiction, a sweet story of finding true love in an unexpected place, or a gripping tale of personal sacrifice and selflessness, these romances speak to the heart of the reader, reaching out to our need of belonging and pointing to Christ as the ultimate Savior and Lover of our souls.

Your turn. I really want to know why YOU love what you read (whatever the genre). Do you gravitate towards inspirational fiction? Do you agree with my musings? Share your thoughts in the comments!

13 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Read Inspirational Fiction

    • Katie! Thank you. Yes, you are quite right. It’s that Biblical worldview shining through again. Thank you for dropping by!

  1. This is GREAT, Courtney – and SO true. I remember reading Redeeming Love for the first time and being BLOWN AWAY, not by the man/woman romance, but by the realization that God loved me LIKE THAT! WOW!

  2. What a great post!!! As a writer AND a librarian, I have a special love for Inspirational fiction – and so do a lot of my customers. It’s not just to stay away from the steamy romance – because some of it can be a bit edgy in a real-world sort of way – but because it actually EDIFIES them. And that’s a prime reason to read AND write Inspy Fiction!

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  5. Very good post. I don’t know why some people think reading fiction is a waste and “inspirational fiction can’t possibly be good” as I’ve been told a time or two.
    I love inspirational fiction! I can honestly say that I have learned so much from it. Sometimes, even more than a Bible study book. Plus, it’s entertaining. Human brains need a break from stress and real life once in a while. I read multiple genres of inspirational fiction, historical is my favorite escape, it takes me far away from anything like my normal life. But there are so many contemporary CF authors that I love now too! Pepper Basham, Melissa Tagg, Mikal Dawn and Meghan Gorecki are just a few.

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