Review: The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin + Movie Thoughts


Review: The Mountain Between Us is so much more than a story of survival. It’s a story of steadfast hope, sacrifice, and commitment.

This is very much Ben’s journey because it is told in his 1st person POV. Through his eyes, the reader learns of his past (through audio dictations to his wife that read like letters) and experiences firsthand how this sudden test of extreme circumstances challenges him and brings out his admirable determination to succeed. Ashley’s character growth and tenacity is never shortchanged, though, as her spunk, humor, and optimism are easy to love and see.

I am once again impressed with Charles Martin’s emotional prose and ability to maintain tension both in circumstance (stranded in the wild) and heart (Ben has an enigmatic side) until the last few pages. The heart-journey is much deeper than the snow Ben and Ashley find themselves in. And WHAT A TWIST!!!!!! This book is one I would highly recommend to fans of contemporary drama, action/survival stories, or even emotional romantic dramas in the style of Nicholas Sparks.

Movie thoughts: Clearly I loved the book —- highly recommended. The movie was good, just not the straight book-to-movie adaptation I had hoped for (as typical with book-to-movie changes). A few key things were changed —- most I could understand for the film medium and time’s sake, except for a couple key moments. It was beautiful visually and well-acted (I always love Kate Winslet). BUT, there were a couple things that happened which altered the portrayal of Ben, his history, and even altered his character’s integrity that disappointed me. THE GOOD NEWS? Check out this recent response from author Charles Martin in his newsletter concerning the changes and his minimal role in the process. I agree and am encouraged by his response. If the movie is spurring the popularity of the book and the message of HOPE it contains, I’m very happy!

3 thoughts on “Review: The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin + Movie Thoughts

  1. I saw the movie without having read the book and thought it was fantastic—until it got to THAT scene. I was very surprised (though, upon reflection, I probably shouldn’t have been) and I mulled it all over in my head for a few hours before deciding I HAD to read the book to find out the ‘real’ story.

    I’m so glad I did. This is one time when I’m glad I read the book AFTER seeing the movie. And I loved the article Charles Martin wrote about it, because it pretty much said exactly the conclusion I had come to. Imagine how many people are now reading the book and getting that different perspective who might never have picked up the book otherwise!

    • Yay, I’m glad to hear you had a similar response!!!!! I read it before, obviously, but I’m glad I did. I knew already they had added “that scene” and wondered how it would fit into the altered story, so I wasn’t TOO floored. Still, it didn’t quite fit into the dynamic of their characters on screen, I didn’t think.

      But YES! The book is so great! I’m very glad people are picking up the book and seeing the deeper perspective and message of hope now. Thanks for you input, Katie!

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