Mini Review: “A Reckless Love” by Beth White

Today’s little review features the last book in Beth White’s “Daughtry House” series, following three sisters in Reconstruction era Mississippi. I have enjoyed all three books in this series, but this one might be my favorite!

About the Book
A Reckless Love Cover

A Reckless Love by Beth White

On the trail of an elusive enemy, cynical, war-damaged lawman Zane Sager crosses paths once more with Aurora Daughtry, the vivacious Mississippi belle he once admired from a distance. As his defenses start to crumble, the criminal he’s been pursuing reminds him that that no one he loves is safe. Ever.

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A Reckless Love offers an opposites-attract romance within a unique historical setting. I appreciate its perspective on the restoration period after the Civil War, including a bit of “western” flair (even with its southern setting), with its cast of rangers, Pinkertons, and outlaw activities.

The relationship between feisty, talkative Aurora is wonderfully contrasted with Zane’s straightforward and quiet strength, allowing for plenty spark and humor amidst all the drama.

This last book in the series continues with the loose ends from the previous stories and wraps them up nicely. I enjoyed seeing the cast of characters reunited and working together to solve the mystery threads and to further their community with their goals of justice and fairness. This is a recommended series for fans of post-Civil War stories, slight mystery, and historical romance!

Thank you to Revell for the review copy. This is my honest review.

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