Author Interviews

Here’s a collection of my author interview posts!

Amber Stokes for How A Star Falls

Amy Matayo for The Whys Have It

Annette O’Hare for Northern Light

Courtney Walsh for Just Look Up

Courtney Walsh for Just Let Go

Dawn Crandall for The Hesitant Heiress

Dawn Crandall for The Captive Imposter

Jennifer Rodewald for The Cupcake Dilemma

Jody Hedlund for With You Always

Kathleen Rouser for Rumors and Promises

Lori Benton for The Wood’s Edge

Lynne Gentry for Return to Exile

Meghan M. Gorecki for Amongst the Roses

Melissa Tagg for All This Time

Mimi Matthews for A Modest Independence

Mimi Matthews for The Winter Companion

Miranda Atchley for Murder at the Picture Show

Nicole Deese for A New Shade of Summer

Pepper Basham: Behind the Scenes Interview + Book Recommendations

Pepper D. Basham for The Thorn Keeper

Pepper Basham for Just the Way You Are

Rachel McMillan for The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder

Rachel McMillan for The London Restoration

Rachel McMillan for Murder at the Flamingo + Book Recommendations

Rachel McMillan for Rose in Three Quarter Time (character interview)

Rachelle Rea for The Sound of Diamonds

Rebecca DeMarino for A Place In His Heart

Sarah Monzon for The Esther Paradigm

Tammy L. Gray for My Unexpected Hope

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