Book Review & Blog Tour: “Deadly Pearls” by Miranda Atchley

I’m delighted to be sharing about a new historical mystery by an Arkansas author! Miranda Atchley’s new indie novel, Deadly Pearls, is the first in a series set in 1920s NYC. Read on for more about Miranda, my thoughts on this story, and to enter the Kindle copy GIVEAWAY!

“Deadly Pearls was tailor-made for me: an intelligent, sparkling heroine, a resplendent sense of history and an immersive New York setting (not to mention a beguiling hero and top-notch banter) matched with whiffs of danger and intrigue are hallmarks of everything I look for in my next read. And yet Atchley takes these a step further, underscoring her well-paced mystery with themes of war and immigration, of faith and of hope. An atmospheric, whip-smart and delightful ‘20s romp, Atchley’s narrative bubbles over with personality and romance. I confess to wanting to roam around New York with Max and Fiona long after I turned the last page and cannot wait for their next adventure! Highly recommended.”
–RACHEL MCMILLAN, author of The London Restoration

“Miranda Atchley hits the mark with this lively historical mystery set in 1920s New York. Stories of an Irish immigrant making her way in a new world, a Great War veteran haunted by the past, and an heiress struggling to live life on her own terms are woven into a suspenseful mystery with the kind of sparkling details that immerse the reader in that high-spirited era. A delightful, fast-paced read.”
–JENNIFER LAMONT LEO, award-winning author of Moondrop Miracle and You’re the Cream in My Coffee

About the Book

She knew coming to America would be an adventure. But she didn’t know it would involve murder.

Intelligent and inquisitive Irish immigrant Fiona Clery has always longed for a life of excitement away from her family’s farm. Yet living in New York City isn’t as glamorous as she’d always dreamed. When her neighbor is murdered, she wonders how wise her decision to come to the United States is. While the police turn a blind eye to Gabriel Morelli’s murder, Fiona knows she must do all that she can to find the killer. Under the tutelage of her favorite fictional sleuths Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, she just might crack the case–if a certain man will ever stop infringing on her investigation.

Max Gillespie is good at putting on an act. A Great War veteran, he struggles with regret from his past, though refuses to let it show. Perfectly content to spend his days working as an accountant and evenings tucked in his apartment away from the excitement of the city, he shuns anything that could lead to unwanted surprises. Yet when his cousin Rose’s beau is murdered, he finds himself pulled into the investigation alongside a smart and pretty amateur sleuth who he can’t help but clash with. Exposed to the underbelly of the city he loves, Max wonders if he was mistaken to involve himself in a murder investigation. Yet when Rose’s invaluable pearl necklace is stolen and its place is left a threatening note, he vows to do all that he can to keep those he loves safe.

In Jazz Age New York, Fiona and Max will have to navigate this roaring new decade while learning the truth about those around them–as well as themselves.

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Deadly Pearls is a delightful story in what promises to be a great series! The friendships it establishes are a poignant representation of the setting: an unlikely blending of cultures (1920s NYC) and class coming together to discover new dreams.

I especially liked how the themes of hope, trust, and self discovery play out in the story as Fiona finds purpose and happiness in a new place. Her love of books and mysteries in particular is fitting and plays in to her role in the story well. I thought the tentative friendship, banter, quarrels, and romance between Fiona and Max to be the best part! Their initial “meeting” over doughnuts is memorable and fun.

If you enjoy reading books set in the roaring 20s, Miranda Atchley has included all the pop culture of the time (like speakeasies! picture shows, Charlie Chaplin, and Agatha Christie!) in a unique mystery all tied together with the beginnings of friendship. I’m looking forward to whatever is next for Fiona, Max, Ian, and Rose!

Thank you to the author for the review copy. This is my honest review.

Miranda Atchley is a history enthusiast and complete bookworm whose passion for books and times gone by have compelled her to write several novels, one of which was a finalist for an indie writing award. When not writing at her home in Arkansas’s Ouachita Mountains, Miranda loves getting lost in a good book, spending time with her spoiled Chihuahua, watching period dramas, and learning about her favorite period in time, the 1920s. Visit her blog at:

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