Fun Find Friday:

Ya’ll, I’ve found a website that utilizes the best idea ever — and it may be the worst possible thing for my already-packed-and-now-weighting-down-the-floor-hazardously bookshelves. All of you bookish readers are going to LOVE it!

A friend was talking about it on Facebook. I’m like: what, a book swap WEBSITE??????? Where you swap books for free (just paying postage)? Sign me up! (I did sign up, and someone’s already requested a book I posted. That means another book credit for me! Woohoo!)

It’s PaperbackSwap.compaperback swap

Here’s how it works: you post books you want to trade, a person requests one, you pay basic media mail postage to send them the book, you get a book credit on your account. You can then use this credit to request a book from someone else on the site. For free. The other person pays the postage. Awesome, yes?

There’s all kinds of extras, like wishlists, reviews, and favorite genre features. I don’t even know what else. I’m too excitedly browsing the books available and plotting how to fit another bookshelf in my bedroom to stop and figure out all the extra features.

I hope you enjoy expanding your TBR stack with this website! Happy Friday!

Have you ever participated in a book swap? What is your go-to website for used books?

Fun Find Friday: What’s in a name?

As Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet,
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

For today’s Fun Find Friday, I want to share a unique and useful (especially to writers) website I found recently: The Baby Name Wizard.

You may be wondering about my Fun Find Friday choice – it sounds a little quirky, right? Well, it’s a really neat site that shows the popularity of a specific name for boys and girls over time, including the peak of its popularity, dating back to the 1800s. It also relates popular sibling names, name origin, AND a map of its popularity by state! On the home page, the current top ten most popular boys’ and girls’ names are listed.

I thought this would be a fun tool for writers and authors to utilize when researching character names – especially because it illustrates in which time period the name was most popular.

And, it’s just fun to learn about the origin of your own name. Or, if you’re considering baby names, this would be a great resource. So, check it out!

Baby Name Wizard- CourtneyHere’s the graph for my name. I have to say, I was born around the peak time for it!

Exciting News: New Photography Website Launched

Hi, everyone!

I hope this spring day finds you well. In my “neck of the woods”, as some people say around here, it was an unusually snowy day for spring.

I am excited to announce a new website for my photography business:, as well as a corresponding Facebook page, Photography by Courtney C. I am happy about the new opportunity to take on more photography work.

I plan to continue this blog to share my other creative endeavors, too 🙂


Happy Spring, everybody!