Final Photos of December Challenge ~ Happy New Year!

December Photo Challenge, Day 29. This is a view of my skyline…or rather what was falling from the sky. It was gloomy and overcast this day, but the snow was beautiful. This photo was taken with the HDR painting photo effect on my Sony A65.

December Photo Challenge, Day 30. This little cardinal was hungry in the snow. He found some bird seed.

31. "Fun" Ombre Rain by courtneyec90
31. “Fun” Ombre Rain, a photo by courtneyec90 on Flickr.

December Photo Challenge, Day 31. For my final photo, I chose this macro of raindrops on my windshield. This photo was taken with my new lens–I’m really excited to use it for macro shots and distance shots (it’s a Quantaray 70-300mm Macro lens).

I would like to say Happy New Year to all my readers and followers! I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my adventures this December  through my photo challenge posts. I think I’m going to take a break from photo challenges this January, but I have plans for upcoming photography and craft posts in the next few weeks.

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 5. Today’s Temperature

December Photo Challenge, Day 5. This day is supposed to cover “today’s temperature”, which hovered around 57.

Tonight’s sunset was beautiful. This photo was taken with the HDR Painting setting on my Sony Alpha. I think it really added depth to the color range of the photo. Enjoy!

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 2. Favorite Holiday Movie

December Photo Challenge, Day 2. Today’s theme is “favorite holiday movie”. Instead of a pic of my favorite holiday movie (which proved too challenging for me today), I decided to share this photo of berries I found on a bush in my yard. I used the HDR Painting setting on my Sony for this picture.

My favorite holiday movie, by the way, is “The Ultimate Gift”. (Well, it’s one of my favorites–I have many favorites. But that’s for another post, another day). You can check out more about “The Ultimate Gift” on IMDb’s website here.