December Photo-a-Day Challenge 18. Stocking

December Photo Challenge, Day 18. I crocheted this candy-cane striped stocking a couple years ago.

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 16 & 17

16. "Present" B&W by courtneyec90
16. “Present” B&W, a photo by courtneyec90 on Flickr.

December Photo Challenge days 16 and 17.

For day 16, I chose this B&W photo of a present with a lovely silvery bow.

For 17, I took this photo of a spruce tree in my yard at dusk. I love the slight bokeh effect of the lights combined with the colorful horizon.

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 15.

December Photo Challenge, day 15. One of my favorite Chritmas songs is “The Little Drummer Boy”. I love the picture it paints of how all this little boy had to offer was his talent of playing the drum, but that was enough.  He played his best for Christ, and little baby Jesus smiled at him.

My favorite version of this song is by MercyMe. You can listen to it on YouTube here.

I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas songs! Do you have a favorite?

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 13.

13. "Christmas Tree" by courtneyec90
13. “Christmas Tree”, a photo by courtneyec90 on Flickr.

13. "Christmas Tree" Impressionist View


December Photo Challenge, Day 13 “Christmas Tree”. I wanted to share these two views of my Christmas tree. The first shows my slender tree decked out in chocolate, gold, and amber colored ornaments and ribbon. The second picture is a fun photo I took today with a slower shutter speed while zooming my lens. I think it has an impressionist look to it. Have you ever taken any photos with a similar technique?

(P.S. I’m switching the order of my daily photos a little)

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 12. “A Beautiful Sight”

December Photo Challenge, Day 12. “A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland.” While it is most definitely winter, there is no snow in sight here in NW Arkansas. So, I found this tree instead. It is overgrown with some type of fungus, backlit by the setting sun on brown oak leaves. I really like the texture in this photo, and the color palette.

December Photo-a-Day Challenge 9 & 10: Reading and Wrapping

For today’s post, you get two pictures! (Due to a crazy Christmas schedule, I missed yesterday’s photo).

For my December photo challenge day 9, the theme was “Something You’re Reading”. Right now, I’m reading “The Oz Principle” for a Human Relations course. So far, it is great. It explores personal and organizational accountability–how being responsible for goals enriches your situation and outlook. It was taken with the “retro” picture effect on my Sony a65.

For day 10, the theme was “Wrapping Paper”. I don’t have any of my presents wrapped yet (I better get motivated–some of my family will be here this weekend), so you just get a straight shot of paper on the roll. For this shot, I set my Sony a65 on the partial color: green picture effect. I think it added a neat effect on the red and green paper.