Best of 2019: Happy New Year #OntheBlog

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!!! Thank you for celebrating with me this week #OntheBlog! If you want to see my favorites lists, check out the links below.

  1. Best of 2019: Novellas & Audiobooks
  2. Best of 2019: Contemporary Fiction
  3. Best of 2019: (General) Historical Fiction
  4. Best of 2019: (Inspirational) Historical Fiction
  5. Best of 2019: Film & TV + Top Ten Tuesday
  6. Best of 2019: Happy New Year #OnTheBlog
favorites book stack

With a New Year comes new goals for most people. For me and my corner of the blogging world, I want to set a couple goals. I want to read 100 books this year. That’s maybe crazy because it’s more than I ever have, but I want to try it!

I also am participating in the the new 2020 Reading Challenge on Modern Mrs. Darcy. I met THE Mrs. Darcy πŸ™‚ , Anne Bogel, earlier this year in Nashville, and since then I’ve really enjoyed her content on social media and her website with all things bookish and fun. If you check out her reading challenge, she also has printable content and a free printable reading journal that’s super cool. I’ll be using it this year — I’m sure it will show up on my Instagram at some point!

Way back when (in 2015), I created my own reading challenge checklist, if you’re looking for inspiration of your own!

It’s always interesting to reflect on a year and see what posts are most popular! Here are my most-read posts and most popular book reviews here on The Green Mockingbird.

most popular posts

most popular reviews

As always, I appreciate my blog readers very much and I look forward to more interesting conversations in 2020! If you have any suggestions for post topics or content, I would love to hear them! Drop them in the comments or use my “Connect with me” page to send them through email.

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