Best of 2018: Novellas

Welcome to my annual “best-of” celebration! I’m changing it up a bit and separating the categories of my yearly best-of lists over a few days. All of this is to celebrate their distinction and spend a few more days talking about all the wonderful entertainment of 2018.

Day 1. Best of 2018: Novellas

Day 2. Best of 2018: Historical Books

Day 3. Best of 2018: Contemporary Books

Day 4. Goodbye 2018 & Looking Ahead

Today kicks it off talking about NOVELLAS. I’ve read some awesome novellas this year. Novellas are tricky. They are shortened so the author has less time for character development and story depth. With that said, this list is the best-of-the-best. All of these novellas represent the perfect combination of endearing characters, well-paced stories, and a unique depth woven in the plots to make them memorable.

The rules: sometimes I have to make boundaries for myself when it comes to talking about books because we would all be here a long time if were able to ramble on. SO, I’m sticking to my format of last year and choosing to share 3 things that describe each of these stories along with a link to Goodreads and my review. In no particular order…

Best of 2018: Novellas

Love in Three Quarter Time by Rachel McMillan | Review

Caffeine. Eyeglasses. Kindred spirits.

Rose in Three Quarter Time by Rachel McMillan | Review

Parcheesi. Compositions. Friends.

Jane by the Book by Pepper Basham | Review

Family mystery. Bookishness. Charm.

Some Like It Hot by Susan May Warren | Review

Risk. Twists. Heroism.

Christmas at the Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson | Review

Blizzard! Marshmallow Snowmen. Belonging.

Bonus: Favorite Short Story

Of Mozart and Magi by Rachel McMillan | Review

Kinship. Shostafreakingkovich. Wonder.

Your turn! What were your favorite novellas of 2018? Have you read any of these?

10 thoughts on “Best of 2018: Novellas

  1. Awesome list, Courtney! Of course I love all of Rachel’s novellas and Liz’s Christmas novella was amazing! Jane by the Book is still on my TBR. It sounds amazing!

    Wishing you lots of happy reading in the new year!

    • Happy new-year-of-reading to you, too! High-five for loving Rachel’s so much! And Liz’s was my fav Christmas one of this year!

  2. I’ve read the first three novellas you mentioned and concur with you. I also enjoyed several of Bria Quinlan’s along with the holiday novellas 12 Days at Bleakly Manor and A Holiday by Gaslight which I loved.

    • Oh good to know! I really loved A Holiday by Gaslight, too! That was such a fascinating era. I think I could have lived in the Victorian Age!

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    • Pepper, thanks for visiting! You would absolutely love Liz’s novella — it’s super sweet and fun (and pretty romantic).

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