Musings on the review routine…


A conversation with a friend sparked this rambling thought process on the “book review routine”.

After mentioning that I review books, this friend asked me if I still enjoy stories as much (because I’m thinking about critiquing, etc.). I heartily responded YES! As conversation continued, it was one of those moments I realized I had not thought of this concept this way before, and talking about it helped my realization.


Yes. I do still enjoy story as much, but most likely MORE SO because reviewing makes me say more than “I like it” (ok, most of the time, unless it’s a flailing gush-of-a-review and I just say I loooooove it.). I consider plot, themes, characterization, setting, symbolism, etc., way more than when I read all books at my leisure. I think about all of these things while reading. And, these considerations make those little moments when I recognize a story is going to be ingrained in my heart for its amazingness all the more special.

Oh, and those friends that kindly ask about your hobbies and passions? Hold them dear.


I would love to know your thoughts!!! Fellow book bloggers, how has this “process” changed the way you perceive story?

10 thoughts on “Musings on the review routine…

  1. Great question! I think it’s made me a more intentional reader, and it’s matured me as a reader as well. I think I kind of had this idea that the more I read, the more refined, and therefore narrow, my palette would become, but I think it’s actually broadened my palette. I read more widely than I used to, I appreciate different styles and a wider variety of stories, and like you said, reviewing makes you think about the why. I love it more than ever (and I loved it a fair bit before I started reviewing!)

    • Thank you! I agree with you, my reading has definitely broadened in genre and style, etc. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I agree with Fiction Aficionado. Reviewing has broadened my reading choices! Perfect example, a few years ago I would have stayed far away from Katie Ganshert’s newest, No One Ever Asked. But because I knew I could trust her writing, I dove in and was so glad I did! Reviewing has also caused me to look deeper into a story when I read it. And after I’m done, I have to analyze what it is about the story that I loved so well, which just makes me happy! So I’d definitely say that reviewing the books I read actually makes me happier. 😊

    I love this question! I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but your answers perfectly describe my own thoughts.

    • YES!!! Through this reviewing journey, I thought I might not want to review every book I read, but I tend to WANT to talk about/review books I’m reading on my own. 🙂 (Katie Ganshert is a perfect example. Her newest is on my table right now to-be-read SOON!)

      And yay for thinking alike 😉 #bookbesties

  3. That is a great question! I find that I, too, love the reading more now that I am reviewing. My reading has real purpose now. Instead of just for fun, I now read to help authors and publishers. I love doing that!

    • Thanks!!!! I agree, it’s awesome to be able to help…. and gush about stories we love…. and help some more. 🙂 SO many awesome books have been recommended to me (my TBR is ridiculous), and I have found many new favorites that way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  4. No, it hasn’t changed my enjoyment of reading at all. I’ve been reviewing for eleven years and I have found that reviewing has made me a better reader. I pay attention to how the words craft a world for me to be apart of. It has shown me what I truly enjoy reading which has made me more choosy in the books I review, so I can enjoy reading. The beauty of reviewing is the opportunity to read books and authors that I may not have heard of before which widens my frame of reference to recommend something, even if I didn’t care for it. There will always be the push and pull of negatives to positives no matter what. I feel the ability to introduce someone to a new book and author gives my reading a real purpose than just a hobby I enjoy.
    Fabulous question!

    • “…widens my frame of reference.” EXCELLENT point!!! That’s exactly it, even if I don’t madly love a story, I learn more about what I like/dislike. And yes, reviewing is wonderfully fun and a great opportunity to discover new stories! Thanks for sharing, Andi!

  5. I’m glad you posted about this topic. In a recent conversation with my husband about an upcoming review (I was asking if I was too picky about a descriptor by the author), he said I needed to relax and just enjoy the reading process. I do enjoy reading now as much as ever, but I do tend to analyze as I read. In some respects, like you, it has added to the experience. But sometimes I think it proves to be a distraction. It is hard to turn off the “reviewer” and just let go.

    • I know what you mean!!!! Sometimes I can get picky about something unnecessarily while reading, then by story’s end, it all works out and I’m proven wrong :). It is a challenge to relax and read!!! But then, reading is the way I unwind and have a little solitude, so that makes it enjoyable, too.

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