Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Best On-Screen Rom-Com Couples

It’s another Top Ten Tuesday, now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

Top Ten Tuesday at The Green Mockingbird

The official topic this week is a love freebie because YAY Valentine’s Day and all things hearts and chocolate!!!! I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite couples from TV and film formats, particularly from romantic comedies.

In no particular order…

10 Best On-Screen Rom-Com Couples

Shane and Oliver from the Signed, Sealed, Delivered Hallmark movie series

#Sholiver fans have been waiting FOREVER for them to be a “couple”, but it’s been worth the relationship growth and character building. Ah!

Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox from You’ve Got Mail (1998)

These two are a modern classic couple. From arguing over Pride and Prejudice to friendship over coffee, I love the journey of their relationship.

Lucy and Jack from While You Were Sleeping (1995)

The humor in this story is just so realistic. My favorite aspect of this story is how Lucy learns the dream she idealized is not the reality she really wants.

Ellen and Nicholas Arden from Move Over, Darling (1963)

We can’t talk about romantic comedies without mentioning THIS classic. 1. It manages plenty of romantic tension even between a married couple. 2. James Garner. 3. The hilarity of the derailed “honeymoon”.

Kate and Leopold from Kate & Leopold (2001)

A time-travel romance with humor and spunk, Meg and Hugh have the best chemistry.

Anna and Declan from Leap Year (2010)

Ireland. Sheep. Tradition. Road trip. An adorable Amy Adams. Plus a little dry humor and Matthew Goode with an IRISH accent. Need I say more?

Ellen and Roy from The Irresistible Blueberry Farm (2016) Hallmark

While I’ve only seen this once, I vividly remember how endearing and laugh-out-loud funny it was throughout. Especially that meet-cute and subsequent fallout. 🙂

Jack and Gwendolyn AND Cecily and Algy from The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

You knew I’d squeeze a period drama onto this list, right? 😉 This play-turned-cinematic fun piece just gets funnier upon every rewatch. Mistaken identity and a town-country separation prove hilarious and fateful for this delightful cast.

Toula and Ian from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Culture shock and a vibrant family make this film one-of-a-kind. And, the quotable lines are ENDLESS. “Put some Windex on it.”

That’s it for today! Did you participate in this week’s TTT? What are YOU favorite rom-coms?

21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Best On-Screen Rom-Com Couples

    • Thank you! Yes, that has been a favorite for a long time (along with more Doris Day films, of course!). I’m glad you’re a fellow fan! 🙂

  1. You’ve Got Mail was awesome, and I liked Kate and Leopold too. I totally forgot about Greek Wedding! That was a fun movie…

    • Thank you, thank you!!! Yes, Shane and Oliver are some of my favorites. (Obviously.) And yes, Doris and James make such a great couple! Have you seen their other movie, The Thrill of It All? It’s actually older and equally as fun.

  2. I am so happy to see Shane and Oliver to make this list also. It has been such a long journey for them but they are finally getting their act together especially with the movie on Sunday “The Road Not Taken.”

      • YES! I loved the new movie and how their relationship was more steady!!! (And haha, I knew what you meant!) I like the reference to Robert Frost in the title. At least, I think that’s what is intended?! Thanks for stopping by to comment, Victoria!

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  4. AWWW!! I spy so many favorites. From Cecily and Algy to Anna and Declan, this post makes me smile. Of course, I also like Lucy and Jack, and it’s a pretty good bet, I’ll like anyone I meet on Hallmark Channel. 🙂

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