First Line Fridays #1: All This Time

The fabulous ladies over at the new Hoarding Books blog are now hosting First Line Fridays! Shoutout to Carrie, Sydney, Rachel, and Beth for the amazing idea of a collaborative blog that will be showcasing all sorts of fun bookish things soon.

For my FIRST EVER First Line Friday, I’m featuring All This Time by Melissa Tagg. It is the perfect contemporary romance — I’m still mulling over it for my upcoming review!

All This Time

The first line:

A single, strained scan of the church’s hollowed interior was all it took for the whispers of Bear McKinley’s past to turn to bellows.

Your turn! Find the book closest to you and share your first line in the comments! The, head over to Hoarding Books for the linky and visit other FLF posts!

24 thoughts on “First Line Fridays #1: All This Time

  1. Welcome to the First Line Friday group, Courtney!! So glad to have you participate. “All This Time’ by is an incredible emotional rollercoaster. Love it so much. 🙂

    I’m sharing about “Witness Protection” by Carol Kinsey on the blog today, but I’m going to share the first line from the book I’m currently reading here.

    “All of the stories have been written, including mine.”
    Lu. by Beth Troy

    • Thank you, Becky!! I’m glad I can join in — the new linky format is awesome! Yes, I love All This Time!!!!

      Ooooh, that’s a neat first line!

      • I love the new linky too! It’s so much more organized and easier to find everyone instead of copying and pasting hoping we included everyone every week. 🙂

  2. I’ve joined the FLF fun and featured a book on my blog, but I will feature a different one here: After A Fashion by Jen Turano. I haven’t started it yet, but it’s next on my list of books to read. “Miss Peabody, I do so hate to interrupt your work, but an urgent message has just arrived that requires immediate attention.”

    • I haven’t read anything by Jen Turano (yet)! I keep hearing great things about her style. That’s an interesting first line!

    • Thank you!!! Oh, Melissa’s books are ALWAYS amazing!!! Super funny, sweet, and emotional, too. You really can’t go wrong with any of hers!

  3. I want to read Melissa’s book!

    Happy Friday!!! My first line is from Mission Undercover by Virginia Vaughan:

    “Blake Michaels pulled into the parking lot of Northshore Medical Center and cut the engine.”

    • Happy Friday to you, as well!!! Melissa”s is a MUST READ.

      And that first line raises all kinds of questions —- why is Blake there? 🙂 Happy reading!

  4. Yay! Welcome to First Line Friday!

    I’m sharing the first line from Lynn Austin’s new release ‘Where We Belong’ on my blog this week, so I’m going to share the first line of the book I just finished here: The Case of the Clobbered Cad by Debra E. Marvin.

    “Heather Munro gazed down Victoria Street so long, she became another gray-suited statue along the Royal Mile.”

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you! It’s been really fun so far, joining in!

      And that’s a very interesting first line!

  5. YAY! Welcome to the FLF group 😀 Great book to feature too!

    Here’s the first line of the book currently closest to me – “Someone had left the front door open.” – Portrait of Vengeance by Carrie Stuart Parks

    • Thank you, I’m happy to be participating! And oooh, that makes me wonder who left the door open. 🙂

  6. I’m currently reading An Inconvenient Beauty by Kristi Ann Hunter, and that’s the book I’m doing on my FLF post today, so here I will post the first line from the novel I’m reading next. The next book on my schedule is Rancher to the Rescue by Barbara Phinney.

    Proud Bend, Colorado, April, 1883

    “Did I read that right?” Clare Walsh peered up from her chair at the Recording Office in Proud Bend, Colorado. She blinked rapidly. “My parents are gone?”

    • Ooh, I’ve heard such great things about Kristi’s books but haven’t had the chance to read one yet! Which is your favorite (have you read that whole series?)?

  7. Welcome to First Line Friday!

    I love Melissa Tagg’s books, but haven’t read this. I seem to have missed out on pre-ordering it … my bad.

    I’m sharing from Where We Belong by Lynn Austen on my blog, but I’m currently reading Cardiac Event by Dr. Richard Mabry. Here’s the first line:

    Dr. Cliff Hamilton watched the bright green lines of the EKG dance across the monitor screen.

    I’m finding Cardiac Event is perhaps more medical murder mystery than thriller, but there is plenty of suspense and I’m enjoying it. I’ll post a full review on my website next week.

    • Thank you, it’s great to be joining in!

      This is the last of Melissa’s Walker Family series and it wonderfully adds more depth and wraps up so much! Ah!

      Ooh, I’ll have to check out your review! It sounds good!

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