Read-Along Fun: Price of Privilege Series

This is an impromptu announcement-slash-invitation for the Price of Privilege series by Jessica Dotta read-along starting July 1.


Due to the epicness of this series, Cassie, Jamie, and I have decided to reread it and discuss (it’ll be more like fangirling, analyzing, and swooning) via Twitter with the hashtag #POPral

If you’d like to join in, we would LOVE to have you!!! And, if it’s your first time reading it, please let us know, because spoilers are a real possibility.

Book 1: Born of Persuasion

Book 2: Mark of Distinction 

Book 3: Price of Privilege



7 thoughts on “Read-Along Fun: Price of Privilege Series

  1. I love this series! I rarely use Twitter for anything other than entering a contest, but I’m going to try. Not sure how to use the whole hash tag thing. Lol!

    • Yay! I’m so glad! I’ll look forward to your comments. (Hint on the hashtags: they almost function like a tag or search term. When you search or click on a hastag, it shows a page of tweets with that hashtag. So it’s a shortcut to get to our readalong conversations when you include the tag in the tweets.) And I hope I’ve not totally confused your further!

    • I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! What an ending, yes? I don’t think I’ve bawled so much while reading. We’ll see if i do again :). If you’ve just finished, you can still join in our Twitter convo! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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