Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award: Q&A post

It’s always fun to see these “bloggers award” posts floating around the internet. They are a fun opportunity to learn about bloggers and to have great discussions over all things bookish, in my case. Many thanks to the lovely Amber Stokes over at Seasons of Humility who nominated me to participate! (And thanks for coming up with such cool questions to answer!)Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate ten blogs.

The Questions

1. Dream vacation this summer, if you could go anywhere?

Anywhere? Other than to see my family, I think I would pick somewhere with mountains. Or a train that goes through mountains, like the Canadian Rockies. After watching the IMAX film “Rocky Mountain Express”, I really want to visit that region!

2. Classic (book) you’re most interested in revisiting sometime?

I’m going to cheat and list a few different ones: the “Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (you guessed that one would be on my list, right?).

3. Latest fictional crush?

Latest would have to be Cullen McGrath from To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander. He’s considerate, faithful, and sweetly loved Maggie. AND he’s Irish, so there’s the accent…

4. Favorite period drama?

This is the hardest question ever! There are so many beautiful period dramas, but my all-time favorite is the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyn. It has such gorgeous cinematography, dialogue, casting, and music. (our recent Twitter convo confirms this!) Plus I love the on-screen chemistry between all of the characters. The Bennets feel like a real family, and Lizzy and Darcy are just <3.

5. One summer book release you’re super excited about?

The Wonder of You by Susan May Warren. I’m excited to see where this next installment in the “Christiansen Family” series will take the characters! Susan always delivers a fantastic story.

6. Music you can’t get enough of at this moment in time?

Photograph by Ed Sheeran, Brother and Rise Again by NEEDTOBREATHE, Out of Hiding by Steffany Gretzinger, Even the Stars Fall 4 U by Keith Urban, and anything on the Hillsong United “Oceans” album.
7. Most exciting discovery this year (book, movie, or music)?

Hmm. I’m going to go with the “Price of Privilege” book series by Jessica Dotta. Man, she can write some drama! I think I can say it’s my favorite book series of all time. (I’ve reviewed book 1 here).

8. Best freebie you’ve found online (ebook, download, subscription)?

I love the fact that so many “classics” are available as free ebook downloads, especially on the Kindle app or on Google Play Books. I’m always browsing the free ebooks list!

Perhaps the BEST freebie I found recently was the piano sheet music to this song (and theme) from the “North and South” miniseries. (You can find the link to download it via the YouTube channel). I could watch the ending listen to the music of that miniseries over and over! 🙂

9. Favorite Jane Austen hero?

Such a tough question! I’ve already declared my love for Mr. Darcy. He is probably my favorite, although Mr. Knightley is quickly moving up the ranks of Austen heroes. His quiet loyalty, understanding, and considerate nature make him the perfect hero and match for Emma. I think he is a bit overshadowed by Darcy sometimes.

10. Most beloved Disney sidekick?

I have to go with Olaf from Frozen here! I know there are so many fabulous sidekicks (shout-out to Maximus the horse from Tangled), but Olaf’s sense of humor and carrot-chasing just make me smile.

I’m nominating a few blogger friends: Beckie (By the Book), Kami (Kami’s Library Thoughts), Cassie (Bookshelves and Windows), Rayleigh Ann (Accelerate the Jesus Movement), and Rosie (Writings of Rosie).

If I’ve nominated you, or you want to join the fun, here are 10 questions for YOU!

1. What is your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

2. What are you currently reading? (or reading next?)

3. Tea or coffee?

4. If you could travel (or time-travel) to your favorite book’s setting, where would you be?

5. What did you purchase the last time you visited a grocery store?

6. Latest celebrity crush?

7. Do you own multiple copies of the same book? Which one(s)?

8. What is your favorite movie genre?

9. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie?

10. Favorite ice cream flavor?

9 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award: Q&A post

  1. Way fun post, Courtney. These tags are always so creative especially when you have wonderful friends and bloggers coming up with such fun new questions. Amber did a really good job with her ten questions, and I look forward to getting my post together soon-ish. 😉

    Olaf is too cute to be forgotten and yay for period drama convos. Gotta’ love those kind of talks.

  2. Lover your responses, Courtney!! Great thoughts. 🙂 I’m totally with you about taking a train ride through the mountains. The Rocky Mountain Express looks gorgeous!

    Pride & Prejudice and North & South – huzzah! (Even though I have yet to read both, but I really ought to sometime!)

    *High-five* for the 2005 version of P&P! 😉

    I’m looking forward to The Wonder of You, as well! I started reading it on my latest family’s vacation, but I didn’t get super far, and Persuasion kind of took precedence. And I really ought to read some more review books. 😛 But I’m looking forward to reading the whole story at some point!

    Speaking of review books, the first two in the Price of Privilege series are on my list, and you’ve got me excited to get to them!

    That song from North & South… I LOVE so much! You know, we should do a Twitter watch-along in 4 parts for that miniseries sometime, am I right??

    Mr. Knightley and Olaf – gotta love ’em! 🙂


    • Thank you! You HAVE to read both P&P and N&S!!! They are just awesome.

      I know what you mean about reading 🙂 Persuasion has taken over my life. But it’s all good!

      I’m glad you’re excited about the Price of Privilege series! They are so unique – I’ve not read anything quite like them, even in that genre.

      A watch-along sounds fabulous! Like Kara said, we might just blow up Twitter 😉

      Thanks again for nominating me (abd for coming up with such awesome questions)!

  3. I do confess that I read your answer to the classic question searching for North and South. And there it was! 😀

    I don’t know those songs, so I’ll go search them out. Thanks for the recs!

    As for question 8, I could “listen to the music” over and over and over myself! ;D

    As I’ve been thinking about Knightley since our twitter convo, I think I could agree with you. He’s definitely awesome and very overshadowed by Darcy! I’m not sure if I like him more than Wentworth because I AM awfully fond of Wentworth, but Knightley certainly gives him a run for the money!

    Such fun answers. I love these sorts of posts! 🙂

    • Ah North and South… forever a favorite! I’m thinking I need to “listen to the music” again soon. Or maybe sneak in a re-watch of the whole series….

      Perhaps you will like those songs, you’ll have to let me know!!!

      Yes, now Wentworth is definitely in the running! Our thanks to Jane Austen for crafting wonderfully perfect yet realistically flawed characters.

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