Wednesday Wonderings, edition 4

It’s another “Wednesday Wonderings” question!

Wednesday Wonderings

What are your favorite book to film adaptations?

And by film, let’s say that miniseries count, too. From YA to classics, and everything in between, what works do you think have been adapted closely or the best?

Some book-to-movie adaptations are perfect, and some are just “visual aids” for their books. Here are a few that I think did an excellent job staying close to the book, or their adaptation interpreted the book in a way I LOVED.wpid-photogrid_1428888927817.jpg

Pride & Prejudice (2005 movie with Keira Knightley) One of my absolute favorite movies! Great cinematography, casting, and concise script to fit a movie time slot.

Little Women (1994 with Winona Ryder) The best story about sisters.

North & South (BBC miniseries, 2004) You knew this one would make my list, right? Such awesomeness in one series.

The Hunger Games (2012) Yes, I admit, I am a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. It stayed fairly close to the original book, too.

Emma (BBC miniseries, 2009) Maybe a little more idealistic than Austen’s book, but definitely a fabulous interpretation.

Occasionally, the book is significantly better than the movie. I think that’s the case with The Last Song (2010). The book had much more likable characters and more depth.

What are your thoughts? Do you have favorite adaptations (or maybe some not-so-favorite?)?

16 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderings, edition 4

    • Oooh, that is one of my FAVORITE movies! It is so timeless. But, I didn’t include it because I haven’t read the book. It’s on my list, though! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Yes, I’ll be going to see Mockingjay part 2 ASAP in November. I think they have stayed as true as possible to those books.

      Hobbit: haha! It was terribly sad. The poor dwarves. I haven’t ever read any of the books, so I can’t compare them. I did enjoy the movies, though!

  1. The Hunger Games is one of my very favorite movie adaptations, all three films for far. I can say without feeling bad that I like the movies just as much as I like the books. I think they both offer something to the series that the other can’t/doesn’t. I never ever say that about movies made from books. EVER.

    Right now, my least favorite adaptation is Insurgent just because I recently read Insurgent for the first time and then saw the movie right after. The only thing that these had in common were the title, character names, factions, and trying to bring down Jeanine, but that’s it! The rest of the movie was completely made up! It had nothing to do with the book at all. I was so mad!

    • Jenni, I completely agree about The Hunger Games! The movies are beautifully done.

      I know exactly what you mean about Insurgent. I think you almost have to keep the book series and movies separate in your mind as 2 possible stories. I think they stayed closer to the book with Divergent than Insurgent. I do like the casting of the characters in the movies, though! Thanks for dropping by & chatting!

  2. What excellent picks, Courtney. The only one I can judge as a book-to-movie adaptation is THG, but I adore all of the others you list as films. Enjoyed “Fault in our Stars,” “Divergent” (didn’t read the book) and a couple of Nicholas Sparks that I read first, then watched. 🙂

    • Thank you, Rissi! These are some of my favorite movies/series as well as being excellent adaptations. I have read Divergent & I think they did a fair job with it, but Insurgent is less accurate when compared to the book.

      Nicholas Sparks knows how to write books ripe for movie adaptations! I have read a few of his, as well, and some of them have been great interpretations on screen.

  3. The Hunger Games movie is a great adaptation from the books, although I still prefer the books!

    Another movie that does a good job is The Help. Both the book and the movie are great, and the movie complements the book well.

    • Yes, books are ALWAYS better, it seems! They just allow much more detail and insight into the characters’ thought processes.

      I really enjoyed The Help, but I haven’t read the book. If you liked it, I’ll add it to my TBR! It was both hilarious and enlightening to that era. I’m so glad you joined the chat today!

  4. I vote for any adaptation of P&P! I love them all for varying reasons and they all have much in common with the book and many differences as well.

    North and South (naturally) makes my list! I think it probably goes at the very top! 😀

    Also, Persuasion by Austen. The 1995 version stays the closest to the book, so I’ll go with that one. Although I do enjoy the 2008 version as well.

    I love that version of Emma! I tried the two version from 1996 and neither struck me. Just couldn’t get into the storyline at all, which really disappointed me. But then 2009 came and I fell in love! Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley just…..*swoon*. 😉

    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe stayed pretty true to the book as well. Prince Caspian strayed in a few areas, but I loved TLTWTW! It was so lovely to see the characters come to life on my screen.

  5. Love Love Love North & South and Emma! The Hunger Games movies have been great too. I love The Princes Bride because Bill Goldman actually wrote the script and was a bit part of the movie.

    • Woohoo for N&S and Emma love! The Princess Bride is so much fun. I didn’t know that! “Mawwiage”…….

      I’m so glad you shared your thoughts, Kami! Thanks for dropping by!

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