Fun Find Friday:

Ya’ll, I’ve found a website that utilizes the best idea ever — and it may be the worst possible thing for my already-packed-and-now-weighting-down-the-floor-hazardously bookshelves. All of you bookish readers are going to LOVE it!

A friend was talking about it on Facebook. I’m like: what, a book swap WEBSITE??????? Where you swap books for free (just paying postage)? Sign me up! (I did sign up, and someone’s already requested a book I posted. That means another book credit for me! Woohoo!)

It’s PaperbackSwap.compaperback swap

Here’s how it works: you post books you want to trade, a person requests one, you pay basic media mail postage to send them the book, you get a book credit on your account. You can then use this credit to request a book from someone else on the site. For free. The other person pays the postage. Awesome, yes?

There’s all kinds of extras, like wishlists, reviews, and favorite genre features. I don’t even know what else. I’m too excitedly browsing the books available and plotting how to fit another bookshelf in my bedroom to stop and figure out all the extra features.

I hope you enjoy expanding your TBR stack with this website! Happy Friday!

Have you ever participated in a book swap? What is your go-to website for used books?

6 thoughts on “Fun Find Friday:

  1. I’ve been active on for several years! I like that they go in order of who requested a book so it’s very fair. Another one I like is – they have a first come, first served system, but it’s been a great place for me to get books from Harlequin’s Love Inspired line, and I tend to get more books requested from me there so I have more points/credits to work with. You also get one tenth of a point for each book you list, so if you list ten books you get to request one free!

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