Family, a Film, & a French Apple Cake

Sometimes you have a family or culinary experience that’s just so delightful you wish it would last forever. In my case, it was a combination – an evening watching a movie followed by eating a yummy apple cake. It was so great I decided to blog about it 🙂

Last week, I enjoyed watching one of my absolute favorite movies The Ultimate Gift (2006) PosterThe Ultimate Gift (2006) – with my grandmother, aunt, and uncle. If you haven’t seen it, you MUST watch it immediately. It’s one of my go-to movies, the kind I love to watch or listen to any time. It is the perfect family movie with a message for everyone – one “take-away” is that life is a gift meant to be shared with others. Plus it has a great cast (Abigail Breslin, James Garner [one of my personal faves], and Drew Fuller).

So, back to my great evening. After watching this with my family, we devoured ate most of a DELICIOUS French Apple Cake with Almonds (Yes, I am a little biased because I baked it myself, but when my uncle wants seconds, you know it’s good). The recipe came from Hillary Manton Lodge’s fabulous novel A Table by the Window, which is full of recipes squeezed in between the chapters of the story (like Nutella mousse, pasta carbonara with leeks and lemon, pine nut couscous, and mini focaccia to name a few). The story alone was one I loved, but these recipes are a fantastic bonus. This apple cake was very moist and just sweet enough — and easy to make. It was the perfect end to an evening making memories and enjoying a movie with my family. I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book, if only for the recipes.

By the way, Hillary is featured in August’s Book Fun Magazine with an interview and recipe for the Provencal Lavender and Honey Pound Cake from the novel.

French Apple Cake with Almonds (recipe by Hillary Lodge)

Here’s a pic of my cake. Doesn’t it make you want a piece?


Note: I did receive a free copy of this book from the publishers to review (Thank you!), but this post is just a “fun” one I wanted to share, not encouraged/required by the publishers.

Have you seen The Ultimate Gift? What did you think? What’s your family’s favorite movie?

I’d love to hear your comments – they don’t even have to stay on topic! 😉

6 thoughts on “Family, a Film, & a French Apple Cake

  1. ‘The Ultimate Gift’ is a beautiful movie. So (so) good and poignant – it’s one of those films that has substance. And ‘A Table by the Window’ is equally lovely – plus that cake? Yum.

    • I agree! It has such substance. It seems every time I watch it, I’m captured by the story and transformation of the characters.

  2. Yummmmmmm. That cake looks delicious! I haven’t tried making any of the recipes in the book yet, but you’ve convinced me I need to soon. 🙂 And The Ultimate Gift is such a wonderful movie! Definitely one of my favorites. I’ve watched it multiple times. Abigail Breslin (and the whole cast really) does a fabulous job.

    • You must try some soon! So far, I’ve tried this one and the red pepper pasta sauce recipe. It was yummy, too.

      Yay for a mutual favorite! Yes, the cast is so great. But James Garner is one of my favorite actors, too, so I loved seeing his character “controlling” the situation, in a sense. It’s always a pleasure to have you drop by, Kara!

    • It was so delicious! I used a combination of granny smith apples and some (early) apples from one of my fruit trees (golden delicious, I think). The apples make the cake so moist! Thanks so much for dropping by, Hillary. I can’t wait to try recipes from Reservations for Two! Happy baking!

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