Favorite Quotes from “A Beauty So Rare”

You all already know how much I loved this bookAND you know about the fabulous recipe extras, a savory custard and buttery shortbread, I’ve shared from the book. This is all because I have participated in a special review program for the release from Bethany House Publishers (thank you, Bethany House, Amy, and Tamera!) And it’s been a blast!

Today, I’m sharing my two favorite quotes from Tamera Alexander’s A Beauty So Rare. Favorite Quote 1

This quote sums up the premise so well. Both characters are risking their livelihood and dreams for various reasons, and ultimately, risking their hearts and trusting their futures to God.

Favorite Quote 2

THIS quote just shows you how sweet and fabulous Marcus Geoffrey is. His care and concern for Eleanor is a beautiful part of the story.

11 thoughts on “Favorite Quotes from “A Beauty So Rare”

  1. I’ve been eager to read this one, Courtney, and these quotes make me anticipate it even more! I’ll have to get to it soon.
    Oh! And I’m excited that we are judging the Historical Romance genre for the Inspy’s together! Can’t wait to find out what the shortlist will be and to discuss!

    • Yes! This is another great one from Tamera. I think it’s my new favorite of hers, though From A Distance is fabulous, too.

      I am excited, too, that we are judging the historical romance category together! I’m eager to see what books make the shortlist.

      Thanks for visiting, Cassie!

    • Grace, thanks for visiting! I’m glad you’re planning to read this one. It’s definitely a keeper! Have you read any other books of Tamera’s?

      • Sure, Courtney! (: I don’t think that I have, but I’m looking forward to picking up some of her books, especially this one. Would you recommend any of her others?

      • Yes, both her Timber Ridge Reflections and Fountain Creek Chronicles series are great. Both are westerns set in Colorado.

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